What happens when you combine a Generation Y Tech Savvy marketing strategist who also worked in corporate America, with an experienced Baby Boomer small business owner, branding expert and seasoned award-winning national speaker?

You get Socialtunities, a multigenerational team (Crystal and Karen) that focuses on leveraging the opportunities of social media in your business and/or your career.

Socialtunities provides social media technology with the knowledge and where with all of practical business solutions.  Karen McCullough and Crystal Washington are passionate about helping entrepreneurs, small businesses ( small business marketing teams) and associations define their online brand as well as discover, design and implement social media into their marketing plan.

Today, social media influences how we market our business/expertise by creating an environment that focuses on human centric business, collaborative markets and sustainable communities.  Social Media is the answer to the challenges in today’s market.

Socialtunities Offers:

  • Speaking (conferences, workshops, seminars)
  • Consulting
  • Workshops
  • Social Media memberships