A Boomer and a Gen Y Team Up to offer you a clear, fluff-free, program filled with impactful strategies and time-saving tips that will raise your visibility as an employee or business owner.  Socialtunities helps audiences  leverage social media opportunities for business and career.


About the Speakers:

Karen McCullough opens conferences, meetings & minds. Her clients call her, “A Shot of Energy!-and she is the most fun you’ll ever have learning! YOU  will be entertained, inspired and prepared for the future. Karen studies workplace and business trends and her passion lies in  providing resources to help YOU be more successful in your career.  In a world that is becoming increasingly disconnected, Karen’s work fills an immediate need to bridge both the communications and generations gap.  Karen  is a master at opening your  minds to the opportunities of change. Through her constant research of generational behavior, social media, and technology, she has tapped into a creative and exciting way to deliver the message. Her approach is practical, her message is relevant.

Karen is:

  • Educator-Businesswoman- Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Owner and Serial Entrepreneur (20 years CEO of 4 retail stores in Houston)
  • Branding Guru- Studied the masters Ralph Lauren and Leslie Wexner
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Generations Speaker
  • Baby Boomer


Hired by companies including Google, Microsoft and General Electric, Crystal Washington shares valuable marketing and social media techniques that create results!  Her clients constantly refer to her ability to take complex technology issues and break them down into real-world scenarios that are both easy-to-understand and humorous.  YOU will walk away with a new comfort level with social media, technology and marketing strategies.  Crystal voraciously studies technology and marketing trends and her passion lies in offering YOU the most important highlights that can positively impact your business and career.  Combining her years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in corporate America, her experience as the owner of a Houston-based marketing firm and her in-depth knowledge of SEO, video marketing, social media, blogging and traditional media, Crystal will increase YOUR efficiency and effectiveness by combining online and offline tools in nontraditional ways.

  • Technology Enthusiast- Businesswoman- Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant and Past Corporate Executive (youngest person in firm to hold position)
  • Social Media & Marketing Wiz- Hired by both Google & Microsoft on projects to reach minority markets
  • International Marketing & Social Media Speaker
  • Generation Y